About The Author



Born in Coleman, Texas (TX), 1941 to Brady and Pauline Hughes. My siblings are Jean Able and Edward (Bud) Hughes who died March 2010. Attended Draughon’s Business College and Abilene Christian College briefly, got married and graduated from Abilene High School (summer class) as Valedictorian all in 1959. My husband and I started a family October 1960 when our twin girls were born, Darenda and Kari Jolene (who was stillborn). In 1961, Brenda was born and 1964 Bradina was born. We divorced in 1965, and the girls and I moved from Abilene to Dallas, TX. I worked for Texas Instruments two years, and then we moved to Houston in the summer of 1967. I remarried June 1967 and worked in Houston for Handee Food Mart, Seven-Eleven Mart, Mustang Tractors, Wimberley Jewelers, and lastly worked for Safeway Stores, Inc. as Equipment Superintendent for 9 years.Divorced my second husband August 1981 the year my Mother died. August 1982, I resigned from Safeway to move on with my life. That’s when I traveled east to Tennessee (TN) heading for Tampa, FL. Found the love of my life and married Harrison. Soon after Harrison and I married, I went to work in Oak Ridge, TN, at the Nuclear Plants May 1988 as a secretary for the Environmental Restoration Department. Retired from there in August 1998.I’ve worked many different jobs throughout my life. After retiring in 1998, we took care of my ailing brother for nearly 12 years before he died of cancer. We attend Loudon church of Christ believing in the Lord at all times. We both volunteer for the American Red Cross. I also volunteer for the Loudon Police Department (VIPS), am a HAM operator and enjoy traveling, painting and now writing – “Reckon I’m Moving on: Houston to Tampa via way of Tennessee”. I do plan to continue writing more as soon as possible.